Thursday, September 4, 2008

Additions to the blog roll

As you may notice there have been some changes to the blog roll over the last couple of weeks. I've removed some science sources (physorg, Scientific American etc) and I may remove some of the political sources because of information overload. I'm also making the following additions:

1. What: Schoolhouse Rock
Why I added it: I'm interested in becoming a professional teacher. I may discover that this interest will peter out like many (but not all) of my interests. For now though I'm going to start blogging about education topics that interest me. I've started with education reform politics (something I'm a little familiar with) but I may move on to other topics such as technique, pedagogy, education theory. If I find myself posting about this often enough I may move this topic to another blog, we'll see.
Example article: teacher merit pay

2. What: Inhabitat
Why I added it: this seems to be the best of the "environmental aesthetics" news sources that seem to be popping up. Many of their posts are too fashion oriented for me but they do have some neat things from time to time.
Example article: The Accordion Shelter

3. The Times - Environment Section
Why I added it: I've been looking for an environmental news perspective from across the pond and I've decided to give this one a try. If it doesn't work out I may try The Guardian's environment section.
Example article: Ghost ships control climate change

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