Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yaaaay, a good news day

The last couple of days have been pretty interesting-news-lite but today I've found a bunch of cool stuff. First I'll lead off with something I find really depressing: Sarah Palin's speech last night was really good, according to at least one source. I agree that it was very good, so good in fact that I couldn't watch it. Why? Because I disagree with so much of what she had to say AND I she looked so damn good saying it. It came out easily, she was funny, confident, and could do a great deal to close the enthusiasm gap that currently exists thanks to McCain's lackluster rhetoric. I was slightly (very slightly) cheered up by this article saying that her speech was going to make an impact no matter what she said.

The other thing that really pisses me off is that the republicans (and McCain specifically) seem to have finally started catching on to the fact that the only way to win this election is to run on a reform platform. Up till now I felt a good deal safer because it didn't seem like the republican leadership was really going to get behind the idea of a "reform" campaign. That would have lead to lots of infighting (McCain the reformer fighting with the incumbent republican leadership) and a probable loss. Picking Sarah Palin (who does appear to have a genuine reform record) is exactly what I would have done, and then setting the tone of the convention as "Washington is Broken" (even if you're somewhat vague about what exactly is broken) is really the only way to win this thing. That depresses me because I think the democrats have way better ideas and I really want them to win. Grrr.

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