Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I've built up a backlog of sites/articles I want to post about so I'm going to do another "digest" edition of AFITH today.

1. Check out the tools section below, I've added a bunch of cool software apps that I use or want to use.
2. I think everyone should read Philip Jenkins article on the intellectual origins of the fundamentalist and extremist Islamic groups operating today. Please read with a critical eye because although I can find examples of good journalism in his background I don't see obvious experience in the matters he touches on in the article. To my eyes the article makes sense and is interesting but others may feel differently.
3. A moving op-ed by Asif Al Zardari about the attacks in Mumbai. I like the sentiments but I'm not sure how much impact he will have.
4. Worldchanging (briefly) reviews The Atlas Of Hidden Water. It's a really neat PDF with profound political implications. Note, for example, how much water crosses international boarders.
5. My top five favorite Obama speeches from his campaign

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