Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Missed a couple

Grrr, I missed several articles from my digest post.

1. Wow, I had no idea that it would be this easy to make Earth maps look like Middle Earth maps.

2. Article from Wired about an amazing (and somewhat creepy) music video. Watch the video first.

3. Amazingly designed website about cities in the 21st century. I first started really thinking about this after the Long Now Seminar talking about how cities will probably be the political powerhouses of the 21st century (I think it was Philip Longman but I'm not sure). Obviously current trends could change but if they don't I think the implications are huge. I can't wait for Stewart Brand's book on the subject, assuming he ever finishes it!

4. A new reality show about busting cops on illegal drug raids. Barkingshaman follows this way more closely than I do and I'm curious about what he thinks. I guess I'll just have to ask ;)

5. Good article by Malcolm Gladwell about finding good teachers. Yes I know it's really long but I think it's worth the time investment. I wonder what teachers think of some of the ideas he mentions (and the source of his inspiration for teacher recruiting techniques) .

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