Friday, February 13, 2009

I love the world

1. I almost lost all composure at work today. Why? The universe is far funnier than I could have imagined. First The Onion publishes this article, then THE NEXT FUCKING day this expose about obscene Japanese games comes out in the Belfast Telegraph. The article mentions that an MP is going to go before parliament with the issue, do you think he might demand... an apology from Japan?
2. I want a subscription to the Atlantic someday, they've really had some great articles. This is a shining example of someone thinking long term. Even if he's proved wrong it's important that people think about the consequences of actions and events.
3. In the same vein this article talks about lessons from the past (Japan's in particular). Both a sense of history and of consequences are crucial to living in a sustainable world.
4. Sweden deploys some interesting ships
5. Dream on Frum, I suspect the current Republican leadership still thinks they can "beat" Obama by attacking everything he does. It'll take a few more serious defeats for them to change their minds (unless Obama really screws up in an uncharacteristic way).

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