Thursday, June 26, 2008

Green Building

Dubai plans 'moving' skyscraper

This is really interesting and I'm glad it's finally happening. This may sound odd but it never made sense to me that tall buildings stand still. We, as a species, spent millions of years in trees, being rocked by the wind and the idea of us taking an idea like that and applying it to modern buildings makes me really happy. Just imagine what a city of moving buildings would like. A forest city, wow, this (the idea, not necessarily this incarnation of the idea) is where I want us to be as a civilization. Drawing electricity from our buildings moving in the wind.


panglossianne said...

this looks cool but...maybe starting a bit smaller to see if it works might be better. "small steps ellie, small staps"

Also, I think I'd get a bit nauseous. BUT I love the idea of using wind turbines between the floors that is so cool. I wonder if it'll hold together structurally.

Finnlaech said...

This does seem a bit on the grandiose side but if it works...

About the nausea; humans have been living/sleeping in moving spaces (trees, ships) and have done ok. I think if the motion were right (regular, small, with lots of windows) it might work.