Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama letting down his supporters?

Check out the newest column from David Brooks and an editorial by the NYT
I have to admit I'm disappointed. I agree in principle that the public financing system needs to be fixed but I don't think this was the time or the way to do it. No matter what his actual reasons for doing this were this damages Obama's image as "above" politics. He never could possibly have kept that anyway, not and actual govern, but part of me is disappointed that his most blatantly political decision so far was around money.

How could he have done this better? I can't really think of any proactive way. I suppose he could have waited until some 527 came out with a really nasty ad but that's reactive and not really a good strategy.

Update: I agree with Andrew, if was going to do it, better to take the image hit now when he has more time to work on PR.

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